America’s Most Choosed Religions

02 Jan

American is a free country. Therefor, you can choose what religion you want to join. You can also choose to stay in the same japanese religions. Here, I will cite the top 20 American religions.

Christianity—————————————————————–Based on the Life and Teachings of Jesus  
Nonreligious—————————————————————No Religion 
Judaism ——————————————————————-Judaism believes there is only One God.
Islam ———————————————————————–God made the world and the heavens and all creatures
Buddhism —————————————————————-Teachings of Buddha
Agnostic ——————————————————————The view that the true value of certain claims is unknown
Atheist———————————————————————–God Is Not Real
Hinduism ——————————————————————-Hinduism is the predominant religious tradition
Unitarian Universalist—————————————–Support for free and responsible search for truth
Wiccan/Pagan/Druid——————————————————-Polytheistic traditions of Europe and North Africa
Scientology—————————————-Scientology is defined as a set of beliefs in the study and handling of the spirit in relationship  
Deity——————————————————–A deity is a person who is thought of as holy, divine, or sacred.
Remember, you can choose what ever religion that goes along with your beliefs.
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