01 Jan

Japanese Clothing

A kimono is a long robe with loose sleeves, made with different materials, colors, and in either single or multiple layers, that can be worn by both men and women. Japanese kimonos are literally wrapped around the body, sometimes in several layers, and they are secured in place by sashes with a wide obi to complete the human parcel. They were clothing with more rustic colors and patterns.


 Over the following 200 years silk fabrics, new colors, and single layers were introduced to the kimono. The more modern kimono also includes various paddings, belts, cords, and clips. When western clothing was introduced it was made from materials such as wools and, to a much lesser extent, cotton.

American Clothing

Men, boy’s usually wear jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers during summer. During winter we wear jeans, sweaters, and a nice warm boot like Timberlands. When it’s something formal, you wear a suit and shoe’s. For ladies, during summer you can wear a sun dress and heals. During winter you can wear a warm dress or a woman’s suit.


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